Friday, October 12, 2007

KILY Lotto

It's a well-known fact that nobody knows the right «strategy» to win a lottery (regardless of the lottery kind). So, any book, or paper, or software, or person promising to «teach you how to win a lottery» is a liar. Nevertheless, there are certain scientific and statistical methods, which although will not make you a winner, they will increase you chances to win.

The theme of KILY Lotto is not some charlatan «magic» — it's about help, statistics, automation, and so on. KILY Lotto knows about the majority of the world's prominent lotteries — when they are played, what the conditions are, what the statistics of wins, etc. The software will help you generate numbers that MAY win, then check the result and remember them for the statistics purposes. The method used for the generation can be either «Heaps», assuming there is an irregularity in numbers, or «7+1» — to enumerate all possible numbers. Finally, you can use the mix of both methods. All numbers are grouped into «not to include», «include» and «lucky» ones.

With either method, with any software, you cannot win a particular lottery definitely. But the consistency, statistics and perseverance will let you significantly increase your chances. And for doing so, the best tool is KILY Lotto. Still, don't forget about the luck!

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Friday, September 28, 2007

The Euro Millions climbs to estimated € 130 Million !

Playing the Euro Millions with assures the most secure way of participation. representatives, at all locations of all the lotteries offered on the site, purchase tickets from licensed retailers only. The representatives' work is being monitored by our accounting company, as part of Lloyds of London's insurance policy.

When purchasing your lottery tickets with, your participation is most secure, you do not risk loosing the lottery form or being forgetful and neglecting to check the latest drawing results. Our system automatically verifies all the lottery forms bought through the site and distributes an immediate Winning Alert in case of matching numbers.

EuroMillions is a lottery game played weekly on Friday by millions of players from across Europe. The game has participants from nine countries, including Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, and the UK. The prize pool is put together from stakes generated from each of the nine countries, and the main jackpot prize starts at 15 Million Euros. If the jackpot is not won during a specific week, the prize pool is 'carried over' to the following week. The record for a single winner is 115 Million Euros, and the highest jackpot ever was 183 Million Euros. These huge jackpots have turned the EuroMillions Lottery into one of the most lucrative and exciting lotteries in the world.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tip of the Month: The Multi-Tier Affiliate Network

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3. After signing up for the program through your Multi-tier Referral Link, the affiliate is registered under and associated to you.

You will receive 10% of your 1st tier affiliates' earnings (on top) and 5% of your 2nd tier affiliates' earnings (on top).

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Saturday, February 24, 2007

There was once a short story written by an author named Shirley Jackson called the lottery. In most of our lives lotteries are wonderful things that can make us filthy rich with the investment of a couple of dollars and some luck. Even when we don’t win there is the fun of imagining what to do if fortune smiles on us and suddenly we find ourselves in a situation where investment bankers are sending us muffin baskets and kissing our pinky rings. In the world of Ms. Jackson, lotteries are a far less enjoyable experience that can result in a large number of heavy rocks being chucked at the person who has the winning ticket. I don’t know exactly where Shirley was buying her lottery tickets, but a more reasonable person would do their shopping elsewhere.

Outside of the little lottery hiccup that occurs in the macabre world that Shirley Jackson calls home, lotteries have been around as long as human beings have had the desire to buy stuff they couldn’t afford without a little help. In Europe, lotteries can be traced back to the days of Caesar and Rome; a time when a good knife and a few friends was an acceptable way to deal with a government divided along partisan lines. In fact the most recognizable ancient monument that stands as a testament to the power of the lottery is the Great Wall of China. Much of this wonder of the ancient world was funded by lottery money.

Today the lottery is as integrated with our lives as the internet or chocolate. Although in this modern, fast paced world where we simply don’t have time to mess around, we have chopped a full syllable off of the word, and just refer to it as lotto. Despite this questionable phonetic practice, lotto is part of the daily life in a large chunk of the world.

Choosing numbers that might make one rich became easier when the internet came along. No longer was a person confined to their state lotto, sites like the give people access to lotteries across the globe. People now have the opportunities to become millionaires in currencies that range from the Euro, to the American dollar, to the Israeli sheqel. Just remember the old marketing slogan “You cant win if you don’t play.”

Monday, November 27, 2006


To a lot of people lotto winners and those who find themselves face to face with Bigfoot have a few things in common. First of all both are completely random events. The formula for finding Sasquatch is not unlike the way one wins a lottery. First, stake out an arbitrary piece of ground (in lotto terms your “ground” will be the numbers you pick instead of some out of the way section of the Pacific Northwest). Once you have chosen your territory, wait for the monster to lumber across your path and hope he doesn’t eat you.

Many people consider this is a bit to unpredictable and instead of investing their pocket change in potentially massive lottery winnings, they do something more valuable with it…like buy a Slurpee from 7-11. Everyday, though, somebody stumbles across Bigfoot, so to speak. New lotto millionaires are created on a daily basis. For example, Loretta Brown of Detroit, MI bought her ticket as an afterthought. The next day Bigfoot walked right up to her and yelled “Boo”. Thanks to her random numbers she now has the problem of what to do with an extra 75 million dollars.

Loretta is not alone, she is just one of a community of people who become rich everyday thanks to the lottery. Today, one doesn’t even need to travel to the corner store to purchase their lottery tickets. Websites like and its affiliate give people access to lotteries all over the world right from their home computer.

Those who think they have no chance need look no further than their local papers to see that winning is not only possible, but a daily occurrence. Of course, folks who think they cannot win are welcome to invest their spare change in a candy bar or snack cake. This will probably result in Bigfoot simply passing them by.

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